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18-Wheeler And Other Truck Wreck Cases

Most people need serious help after an accident involving a big rig or another truck. The size and speed of these vehicles usually increase the physical damage suffered by the victim, and the results are often catastrophic or even fatal.

After a serious truck crash, talk with a lawyer who has experience handling all types of motor vehicle crash claims, someone you can trust to handle your claim successfully. Attorney Richard Watson of Richard Watson Law, PLLC, has nearly 45 years of experience and has a thorough understanding of the legal, procedural and factual challenges of these claims. Big trucking companies have a lot to lose, so they fight these cases aggressively. Attorney Watson has handled them before, and he knows how to win these claims.

Big Rig Accidents

Truck drivers have heavy demands on them to make a certain amount of mileage every day. They are often on the road too long and fatigue can play a significant role in causing accidents. Other causes are the lack of proper maintenance on the truck itself and substance abuse by the driver.

I have the experience and knowledge to find the cause of the accident and establish liability, to get the compensation for my clients that they need.

Delivery Trucks

Delivery truck drivers have different challenges than those faced by 18-wheeler drivers. They are almost always in high-traffic urban areas with tight deadlines. Further, they often have computers on their dashboards telling them where to go. These can be a tremendous distraction when driving, causing frequent accidents. Between laws, industry regulations and company rules, there are many safety procedures drivers are forced to follow, but they often skip these rules or cut corners, resulting in accidents.

FedEx, UPS, USPS and other delivery companies are involved in accidents frequently. Richard Watson Law can represent you if you have been hurt by a delivery truck driver.

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