Hold Your Doctor Or Dentist Accountable

We all put a lot of faith into the medical professionals who care for our health. From routine checkups to delicate surgeries, we depend on trained and certified practitioners to accurately diagnose our ailments and prescribe appropriate remedies. Unfortunately, these professionals do not always live up to the standards of their profession.

It is important to understand that a patient can experience negative health outcomes even when a doctor does everything right — some illnesses are simply too grave, and some surgeries are too risky, for anyone to reasonably guarantee a successful outcome. But all too often doctors, nurses, technicians and other professionals make mistakes out of sheer negligence. This is called medical malpractice, and if you have been injured by malpractice, you have a right to seek financial compensation for the harm you have suffered. The consequences can be catastrophic, up to and including the avoidable death of a loved one.

At Richard Watson Law, PLLC, I will help you hold accountable any medical practitioner whose negligence has caused you harm. Working together with you, I will help you navigate North Carolina personal injury law to obtain the greatest possible compensation.

Compassionate Support For A Wide Range Of Medical Errors

I have worked with people who have been injured by a wide range of medical errors, including:

  • Failure to diagnose medical issues
  • Failure to review a patient's relevant medical records
  • Misreading of X-rays, ultrasounds and other test results
  • Medical device errors
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Surgical errors
  • Wrong-site surgery (surgery performed on the wrong side, or wrong place, of the body)
  • Medication errors, including improper prescriptions and improper dosage
  • Birth injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries

Specific Experience In Dental Malpractice

Unlike many medical malpractice attorneys, I have significant experience in dental malpractice cases in addition to other types of medical errors. Just like any other medical professional, dentists and their colleagues have a great influence on your health and well-being. And missteps in dentistry can have serious consequences such as intense pain and limiting your ability to speak or eat.

Learn More About Your Rights After A Malpractice Injury

Schedule a consultation with a skilled lawyer to learn about your legal options after sustaining an injury at the hands of a doctor, dentist or another medical practitioner. To make an appointment, contact me by email or call 919-794-6965. My office is located in Durham.